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Friday, November 16, 2018

Lovren goes hard on Ramos by calling him pussy & says he’ll beat England too, after win over Spain

Dejan Lovren enjoyed Croatia’s win over Spain last night, perhaps a little too much!
The other two teams in England’s UEFA Nations Group played out a thrilling encounter in Zagreb, in which the hosts came out 3-2 victors thanks to two late Tin Zedvaj goals.

Lovren, who has a public feud with Ramos dating back to the Champions League Final in Kiev, immediately took to Instagram live in the dressing room to celebrate the win.

He took out his emotion on one player in particular!
This is a translation of what he said and the video he posted to his followers:

“I elbowed him good (Ramos)! Haha! 3-2! Go ahead and talk buddy. Buddyyyy… (talking about Ramos, making gesture). Bunch of pussies. Only this side is worth (covering Spain’s flag on the kit). Now to beat England and walk out like a boss.”

At least Lovren is sticking up for himself and his team-mates against the horrible Spaniard!
We’re just looking forward to facing Ramos and his teammates in the Champions League again and hoping to exact some revenge…
It’s probably not smart doing what Lovren is doing, as it can only come back to bite you at a later date, but we still appreciate how much he cares.

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