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Friday, November 23, 2018

Viral video shows brute punching scared boy at Brooklyn housing development

Viral video shows brute punching scared boy at Brooklyn housing development, the heartbreaking video that was posted in Instagram shows a man punching a young boy in the head outside a Brooklyn housing development, police sources said.

In the now-deleted video, which sources tell the Daily News was taken in the Albany Houses in Crown Heights, the youngster, dressed in a tan sweater and a bright-colored backpack, cowers in a vestibule as a man with a fur-rimmed hooded coat and a bandanna over his head taunts him.

The man says, “I don’t like them little kids nowadays,” as someone off-camera laughs, then tells the boy, “I can’t get no candy” and punches him in the side of the face.

As the boy holds his head and cries, the man barks at him, “What’s wrong with that?” He shouts noises at the boy, and slams his head into a wall.

Police are aware of the video and are investigating, an NYPD spokesman said Wednesday night.

A source said people are flooding the Crime Stoppers tips line with calls about the video.

Instagram star Popiando Vazquez posted the video Wednesday night, urging people to identify the man and young victim.

“Make sure this dude never does this again,” Vazquez wrote.

The video was watched more than 60,000 times within about two hours before it was taken down.

Vazquez told the Daily News he wants to reach out to the young victim

“It takes years to get that hatred and mistrust of other people off your heart and soul,” he said. “So I just wanted to find the kid and try to offer some support by getting him a haircut and some new clothes and a good winter jacket for an early Christmas present to show him that there is plenty of love out here in the world and it’s not all bad. He should feel safe in his own lobby and be able to be a kid.”

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