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Friday, March 29, 2019

Report in Spain: Coutinho reportedly tells Barcelona teammates that his going back to liverpool

According to the Mirror, Barcelona superstar Philipper Coutinho has confirmed at his closet friends that he will return to Liverpool at the end of the season. 

Liverpool smartly included a clause in his contract which allows them to make the 'first offer' to take him back in case, his move to Barcelona don't work out as planned. 

Unfortunately, things haven't gone to plan, Coutinho is struggling at Barcelona nad hte media is feeding off it. 

A recent publication by the Mirror claims to have heard Coutinho say to his teammates: 

"I know that is a difficult decision, but it can be the best thing for my career", the anonymous source stated. 

"I can't continue like this and i want to go somewhere else to play the game i love". 

Apart from Liverpool, Manchester United, PSG and Juventus have all inquired about the availability of the player this summer.

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